Radical political analysis, commentary and discussion in Wales
Dadansoddiad a thrafodaeth radicalaidd o wleidyddiaeth yng Nghymru
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Directory / Cyfeiriadur

Political Organisations
Communist Party of Wales part of the Communist Party of Britain.
Cynefin y Werin (Common Ground) network of organisations which promotes equality, peace, justice, human rights and co-operation.
IWW Wales part of the Industrial Workers of the World.
Newid means change aiming to establish a demarchy.
Socialist Labour Party - Wales left-wing split from the Labour Party after its abandonment of Clause 4.
Socialist Party Wales (Bangor, Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham) - Campaigns for a living wage, against racism and oppression and for a socialist Wales. Part of the Socialist Party of England and Wales.
South Wales Anarchists a network of autonomous collectives who are against all forms of exploitation and bigotry.
Wales Green Party (Cardiff Adamsdown & Roath, Newport, Swansea, Vale) part of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Activist Groups
Abergavenny Left
Bangor & Ynys Mon Peace & Justice group
Bro Emlyn for Peace and Justice
Cardiff Feminist Network
Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum
Climate Camp Cymru
CND Cymru
Earth First! - Wales
No Borders South Wales
North Wales Shop Stewards Network
Searchlight Cymru
UAF Wales
Welsh Republicans
Wrexham Peace and Justice
Wrexham Anti-Racist Network

Campaign Against Levels Motorway
Cardiff Transition
Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg
Cymdeithas y Cymod
Critical Mass Cardiff
Disarm Cardiff University
Merthyr To Mayo
No 2 Lorries in Bute Park
Pembrokeshire Against the Cull
People Against Wylfa-B
Pipeline Twitter
Residents against Ffos-y-Fan
Save Bute Park
Scam Gwyrdd = Massive Incinerator
South Wales to Gaza
Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign
Welsh Republic
Youth Fight for Jobs North Wales

Bristol Indymedia: South Wales
Gagged! Newsletter
Greg Lewis
ITV Wales Wales
Planet Magazine
Politics in Wales
SchNews: Wales
The Mabiblogion
Wales Home
Welsh Green Dragon

Cardiff Central Green
Caredig I Natur (CIN)
Democracy and Class Struggle
Everyones Favourite Comrade
Fred Wildgust
Freedom for Tooting
Green Granny
Leftwing Criminologist
Pippa Bartolotti
Political Landscaping
Proper Tidy
Red Remembrancer
Rob Williams
Ross Saunders
Signed yours truly with love and rage
Simon Parsons
Spring Thunder
Ten Percent
The Polemical Report
Terry Phillips
Heart Of A Nation
Vanguard Blackguard with Placard

Forums / E- Lists
Cardiff Anarchist Network email list
Just Peace email list
No Borders South Wales email list
Urban75 Wales forum
Y Repwblic forum

Reciprocal links
A Change of Personnel
Bristol Anarchist Federation
Emcee Lynx
David Henry
Hereford Heckler
Inside out - a jaxxland perspective
Miserable Old Fart
Norfolk Community Action Group
The Bath Bomb
The Great Unrest
Valleys Mam
Welsh Agenda