Radical political analysis, commentary and discussion in Wales
Dadansoddiad a thrafodaeth radicalaidd o wleidyddiaeth yng Nghymru
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As an independent platform for radical political analysis, commentary and discussion in Wales, we only publish original articles from certain perspectives and on certain topics. Get in touch to discuss your ideas if you are unsure.

Though politics in Wales is often to the left of the rest of the UK, and there are even 'good comrades' in both the Labour Party and Plaid Cymru, this is not a platform for any of the major political parties. Most of our contributors come from alternative radical political groups and individuals that are active in Wales (you can find them in the Directory).

We use 'radical' as a collective term for anarchist, communist, green, left republican and socialist politics. Clumsy it may be, but it serves the purposes of this site. All articles should be concerned with matters in, from, or of specific interest to people in Wales.

Here's an incomplete list of typical topics:
  • Radical analysis and perspective on events current and historic.
  • Campaign overviews: new, ongoing and retrospective
  • Reports and reflection on radical action and protest.
  • Interviews, previews and reviews.
  • Organising and tactics.

Please read our style guide before submitting.

Once registered as an author, contributors post directly to the site. You can submit your first article for consideration here:

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